who is more trust worthy WIFE or Girlfriend?????????????

December 14, 2009 11:28am CST
hi everybody i want to put up this question to everyone who is more trust worthy in this world...i will request each and every Mylot user to respond to this discussion... my experience says Wives are more trustworthy the your girlfriend as i have seen around as i have not been committed to any such relations... kindly suggest...
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@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
14 Dec 09
No doubt. wife is trustworthy . If you have a wife, why should test the worth of girlfirend.
• India
14 Dec 09
hi mdvarghese thanks for the reply..........
@gie_antz (19)
• Indonesia
14 Dec 09
absolutely wife....
• India
14 Dec 09
hi gie_antz thanks for the early response...........
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
16 Dec 09
lol =D Well, as long as they are your loved ones, they should be trustworthy.. It's due to mutual trust, which brings both of u together.. IF there's no trust, where's the love then?? haha =D PLus, wife starts from being your gf right?? If u dun trust your gf, how will they agree to marry u?? Not to mention arranged marriage, but in reality, all relationships are supposed to be trustworthy!!
@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
If you have proven that your girlfriend is trustworthy, then she may be a candidate to be your wife forever. Now if you haven't tested it yet and you are already married, then the problem comes. I have done this test long time ago with each girlfriend I had. And the result, the person I had made the right choice by marrying the one who is a very trustworthy person. The others simply fails behind. With this experience in hand, I can say that a wife is more trustworthy than any other person in your life.
@jesssp (2742)
• Canada
15 Dec 09
It has nothing to do with the label and everything to do with the individual person. Just because someone is married and called a wife doesn't mean they are any more trustworthy if they weren't that way before.
@bhav27 (443)
• India
15 Dec 09
Well i think it depends upon the human nature rather than this type of estimation . If the girl's nature is good and she is caring and loving then she is the most trust worthy women either as wife or as girlfriend and if the women is not good and thinks about herself then no matter whether she is yours wife or girlfriend she is not at all trust worthy as she can anytime betray you . so it depends upon how good the girl is and what kind of quality she have.
@dreamr802 (987)
• United States
14 Dec 09
I would think wife because if you are going to marry someone, you have to trust them...with a girlfriend you are working to get that trust that you need for a relationship to survive.