Necessary Evil

December 14, 2009 11:38am CST
Adultery a detestable catalyst of all marriage breakups and yet it is so rampant in our surrounding lives. We know many families and loved ones have been hurt and devastated but surprisingly the majority isn't doing enough. Why? A part of me tells me that perhaps the couples or either party are responsible for unfavorable outcome. So, there will be the violent disputes, ugly divorce and custody battles - still none of these consequences are deterring people to sway from committing extra marital affairs. So, when I read this article, it just struck me if there should be a law that adulterers be STONED to Death. You may not like what I am suggesting because of human rights, humanity, against brutality and many other reasons disfavoring this form of punishment - but if you come to think of how lives are destroyed and the traumas that takes a lifetime to heal which are brought in by these foolish people and acts. I just feel that it may after all justify to a certain extent. Necessary evil, what do you think? For or Against - I really like to hear your views. Read more:
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• India
15 Dec 09
The thing about adultery is that it is not concerned with the only one thing you think about! It can be applied to every thing that you can set your eyes upon! So you need to first have a definition of what all things you want to include under the "Adultery" you are talking about and then decide if you want the punishment!
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• Singapore
16 Dec 09
manojach87, I really do not know where you are getting at, but I am addressing adultery within the confines of a marriage. I do not see any other way and applying it on somewhere or something else. So, I do not think I am being vague here when I started this discussion. Besides, what do you think that Somalian is being stoned for?