Joining A Site Or Making Money On Your Own, Which Is Best For You?

United States
December 14, 2009 4:26pm CST
I have been making money online for several years now and I utilize various methods for doing so. On one hand I am a member of several "paid to" sites that give me money for various tasks. On the other hand, I offer my own services and products online and accept payment through check, money order and paypal. How many people prefer joing a site to make money and how many out there make money on their own with their own ideas? I myself have found that doing the latter could be very rewarding and joining money making sites can be a steady stream of income if done correctly.
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• Nepal
15 Dec 09
Well, I'm a beginner to practice the home based business. I'm retired officer. I need a easy job like it, but i couldn't get any stream yet. Please tell me the open secret of online business to make some extra money. I believe that there is no free lunch under the sun. I signed up at few companies, but totally failed to dig the well. Advise me.
• Finland
15 Dec 09
How can Nigeria join you in making the money since nigeria is not entitled to use a palpay account.And l would like to join you in making the big money online.
• Singapore
15 Dec 09
I am quite a freshie in terms of making money through the Internet facitlities. will be utterkly appreciative if someone could guide me along with it
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
it will be more admirable if you will just earn money on your own effort thru getting a good job rather than joining a site just to earn. you will never know if it is really real or just a spam. I had joined a lot of site which i earn a little dollar a week and one of them is this mylot. well, i just hope they will pay if i can have my earnings. Although it would be hard for anybody to find a good premanent jo nowadays, still it is the best option to get for our world today is full of uncertainties. there are many options but only few are real.
• United States
15 Dec 09
I tried aking money online only to end u in lot and lot and lot of issues. My fater in law addes a new line to his phone connection and gae me a mobile phone. In one of the paid sites I was aked to enter my cell number to validate the code which I did. Then after amonth when he got the bill it was for 149 dollars which is a lot of moeny. I was making only 50 cents by registering on that stupid site and lost 150 by doing the same...I kind of lost interst in these sites. Even in mylot am not doing any tasks just answering and starting new discussions.
@ToughTate (143)
• United States
15 Dec 09
I totally agree with you that starting a personal website with cash flow is rewarding, but there are so many people doing it that you idea has to be really good for it to work well. I like just earning money from other sites, but sometime in the future I would like to come up with a different website that could possibly yield profit.
@puppynut (370)
• New Zealand
14 Dec 09
What kind of services do you offer. Yes it definately can be done. It's all alittle time consuming and confusing at first but if you find the right sites it can work for dure. The trouble is the amount of sites out there that will consume your time without decent reward and you just have to do too much before you get paid, but those with good referral systems can work. I really wish I'd worked one on one with someone from the start because it was really hard to decifer everything on my own.