Are you a considerate customer or a rude one?

December 14, 2009 9:32pm CST
As for everyone's knowledge, I am a customer service representative working for a company who gets irate clients and customers. Once the phone rings I'll take a deep breath and give out my very best greetings. It turns out that the person on the other line is fuming mad and he'd like a piece of you. Sometimes I tend to keep my cool and sometimes I get irritated as well. Everyone here has tried being a customer right? Though you're a bit disappointed with the service or the product, would you vent it out on the poor representative or somehow be considerate enough to tell him or her that it has nothing against her? When customers are in this very considerate manner, we try to figure out a way to help that person and sometimes gets out of our way even if it's no longer part of our work flow so we can troubleshoot the problem. What's your take on this? Sometimes we need to understand that it's actually not the fault of the representative. If you think becoming angry over the phone would hasten it, well, think twice. When customers get mad at us and tells us offensive things, we pray hard, really hard that his or her problem would not be solved as immediate as they wanted it to be. And we'll be very very glad, in fact rejoicing, if he or she won't get the solution he or she wanted. Anyway, going back to the discussion, from what group would you consider yourself, a considerate customer or a rude one and why do you think so? Does it help being nice or far better if you're rude?
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@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
4 Jan 10
I would say I am rather a considerate customer. I am also working as a customer service rep. and I do understand your point and how it feels when a customer is too rude and yelling over the phone. Most of the time a rude client don't mind what you feel about it as long as they vent all their emotions and as if blaming everything on you. But ofcourse being a good customer service even if a client is too rude on the other side you still have to be nice to them which is sometimes hard to do because ofcourse we are all humans with own own emotions. So, everytime I also tried to be a considerate one because I understand the position or stand of being a customer service one...
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
I would categorized myself as a more considerate customer because I understand them as well as they understand my concern. I just get irritated to customer service reps who are rude. If they, the reps, gets smart on me without realizing my concern, that's where I become rude. But for most part I am more considerate.
• United States
15 Dec 09
For the most part I'm a considerate customer. Though if someone is being rude to me it does sometimes get hard to hold back.