what happens when your best friend becomes youre enemy?

December 15, 2009 3:19am CST
Well, have you already experienced when your bestfriend became your worse enemy?
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@eurekafemme (5881)
• Philippines
18 Dec 09
That could be very bad and very sad thing to happened, my dear.:-) I, for sure will dread that thing to happen to me and my best friend. If she/he is my best friend, what could be the possible reason why she/he became my worse enemy? I wouldn't wish that to happened to any of the friendship I have established with all my pals, whether best friends or not. Though, I have those so-called friends that whenever I'm not around they seem to be my enemies. Lucky enough, I was able to get rid of them in my life. I don't need nemesis in my life. Make love not war, my dear.:-)
@kekexinfeng (1303)
• China
16 Dec 09
I don't think everyone want to be a enemy of her/his friend,however,there are so many example of this. Honestly I have this experience,I remember when I was in the middle school,I had a very god friend,we had a lot of good time,but we become enemy later,I can't remmber why,however I thought it was her wrong,but now,I don't think so,I think I have done the wrog thing that she can't bear. Oh,I even don't want recall thia memery.
@mariah_5 (97)
15 Dec 09
Hi, I personally take care in making or rather, in choosing friends.Because once you are in, then you're ought to, share everything, whether material or emotional things, the things, which are and were very special to you alone and once I add someone in my friend's list I, make it sure that no misunderstandings crop up between us, because all troubles start from there, and if they arise, I take the initiative, to resolve them and if I find myself on the wrong side, I would definitely do everything, from apologising, to pleasing them in every possible way, to win them back[ i.e, if they are true friends] and if, inspite of my efforts they do not care about me, then I would leave the matter then and there.The ball will be in his/her court, it's for him/her decision to join me when the anger fades away. But if he chooses to be in my in my enemy's camp, then I would wish him good luck with his intentions, keep him as far to me, as possible and ofcourse feel bit sorry for my decision, but not..........sad at all.