Jury Duty

@lyly54 (10)
United States
December 15, 2009 8:58am CST
I can not believe having jury duty can be so exhausting. I had Jury duty yesterday and spent almost the whole day there and I did not get pick. My whole group was dismissed. I could have done so much that day. First the court room was Freezing and some of the people where unbelieveble. For instance, if the lawyer is asking if the sky is red? yes or no. Dont go into your whole life story which has nothing to do with the question. We had about 5 poeple that was doing that. The whole time I was paying attention I was also looking at the court reporter. That is a hard job. not once did he look down and never stop typing. Kodos on him but man please dont call me for jury duty if your not going to pick me for a case.. Any jury duty stories?
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