How Are You Strong?

United States
December 15, 2009 12:06pm CST
How do you become strong? By approaching problems from a direct standpoint and moving forward or do you let things fall into place and are strong that way? I find that we need both in life to survive. One way is more like work and the other is letting things be. They are both hard for me. Perhaps people are more one way or the other, but maybe we have a bit of both in all of us? For me I would say that I let things be more than not. But I work at doing things and not getting too dreamy.
4 responses
• Philippines
15 Dec 09
...I would say I am now strong after all the things I went through in life. From family, work and to my personal matters in life. ... The more hardships you experience the stronger you become.
@cbjones (1157)
• United States
15 Dec 09
Getting knocked down multiple times, and getting back up again will make you strong for sure.It's all about accepting the fact that you will fail, and then learning from that failure.
@nautilus33 (1831)
15 Dec 09
Hi! I can't say I'm too strong by solving my own problems, because I doubt too much. I can't solve it from the first time- I rationalize the things very good, but it always come something new, and I can't comb to take an action. I think that's one of my weaknesses, because I need much time to handle with problems, which are not so easy to solve.
@danoluma (817)
• Kenya
15 Dec 09
I personally think I am not as strong as i would like to be. I have a problem facing my issues directly and that really makes me feel very weak. I think I should do a lot to improve on it. Because I have friends who are very strong in it.