Tough Times in Life makes a Man Perfect..!!

December 16, 2009 2:03am CST
Hello Friends,It has been a good going on Mylot with Lot of hard works being Involve to Earn Money. Initially in my young age when I was 10 to 11 years Old I saw a Real Hero Emerging in his life,The Hero is non other but my Daddy.He is a True Hero to me.The Reason I am saying this is because Before 8 years ago we were living in a small Hut with a Family members of 6 and the Earning man is only one my Dad.At that Stage my Father pulls out us from a poor situation to a rich level by his Hard works and will to take his whole Family in the Class of Rich people.He works very Hard by working daily Riding Auto-Ricksaws then he lifts his one step as a Photographer and now he is one of the Top Arms Dealer in INDIA. This is a True Story which shows that even a poor can become Rich if he shows a Fighting Spirit against The Tough Situation.This has been my Father's Principle,"Tough Times in Life makes a Man Perfect".Infact the Tough Situations are the only place and Time where a man can Test His\Her Ability to Emerge in Life and Achieve some Greats in your Life.So I Recogn all should Follow This Concept and didn't Feel Tough Time as a Bad Luck Infact its a Oppurtunity by God for yourself..!!!
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