"Scarry Movies" - Do you Like that movies all Parts?

December 16, 2009 7:32am CST
Hello Fun Loving Mylot Friends!Do you ever seen Scarry Movie all parts,I think surely you have seen it.As the name says itself "Scarry Movie" but infact I don't feel Scared in it.I Feel it should named as "Funny Movie"!! Do You Like That Movie,its all parts because in it so much adult content is there which can adversely affects a Child's Mental State.Also in it meaningless Scenes were there to produce Comedy in the Film.Do You Like That Movie named as "Scarry Movie"?
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• India
17 Dec 09
I like all the parts except the part 2. And I don't agree because, Sometimes our mind need some break for nonsense. These movies are known as spoof movies and they are not meant to scare anyone instead they are made for making people laugh. although I agree about the adult content but these days, children are more perverted than you can ever imagine. But scary movie is truly not good for a conservative country like India. But I like those movies.
@aadi_87 (347)
• India
16 Dec 09
Hi!! I love the Spoof series 'THE SCARY MOVIES',they are so funny.There is a reason behind the name being given as 'SCARY',the series spoofs some of the best movies of the year and try to poke fun at the characters of the movie so its kind of scary for the fans of the original movies to see their favorite film being trashed by making a mockery of it.I enjoy the series as its funny and some situations really are worth rolling especially the spoof on Saw series,Scream,Million Dollar baby,Signs,etc,etc.You're right the movies are meaningless but their main aim is to entertain the audience which they have been successful in doing and you need to take creative liberties while creating comedy.Have you seen the new release of Scary movie??I watched it and its the worst of the entire series,nothing funny at all.