One of the TRUEST lines I've ever heard on a show:

United States
December 16, 2009 11:48am CST
I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond and his brother was considering a job in telemarketing. Raymond said "Telemarketing? You think people hate cops...". I laughed because this is an industry I worked in and that line couldn't have been more true.Just wondering, what is the ONE line on any show you've ever seen that you were like "AMEN TO THAT"???
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@AcidPT (70)
• Portugal
16 Dec 09
lol in my coutry it's more like "Traffic police? You think people hate regular cops..." you know, those blokes that block you car or tow it away for no reason... lol cheers
@d_e_v81 (361)
• Singapore
16 Dec 09
I love watching that show Everybody Loves Raymond. I can so relate to his character and in many aspects, I think raymond is just like me...although im not really sure if everyone loves me though lol! One line from the show Id like to Amen to is when Robert is trying to figure out if he is g.ay and Raymond goes "There comes a point in every man's life wonders if he is g.ay...then he sees some brea.sts, walks into a wall...and there you go!" Amen!
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