Your worst nightmares

December 16, 2009 5:05pm CST
As we sleep at night, there are times that we dream and there are times that we have nightmares. I too have experienced waking in the middle of the night for having a really bad nightmare as in very scary one. Just your thoughts, what would be your worst and most recent nightmare? Would this bad dreams have anything to do in real life or at least an explanation or interpretation? Happy holidays.
2 responses
@arystine (1275)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
I can't remember my most recent nightmare, but I do remember feeling really scared each time I have a nightmare. The memory of the dream fades away quickly after praying for a restful night. I guess bad dreams can be associated with thoughts in our mind, whether from something we have seen during the day or something that we fear would happen. For me, the worst nightmare that I could have is a dream about earthquakes or bull frogs. LOL!!
@azazel87 (97)
• Bulgaria
16 Dec 09
sometimes i dream how i crash with the car. Interesting is that everytime i drive it and in real i can`t drive a car. But in the end everything is ok and i am fine. I have never have car accident in my real life and im not scared when i am in some car. I don`t know why I have this dream.