Do you remember a toy that will make you happy when your were young?

Hong Kong
December 17, 2009 4:11am CST
Time goes by fast and we are not a kid anymore.But still,there are many great experience that we won't forget.For example,a toy that will be good buddy for your growth.Some might always playing with her own doll but for some it may be a a tiny four wheel car. Whatever it was,it is still affecting us .I remember when I was young,my family was so poor that we didn't have any money to buy big toys.I enjoy playing with my little plastic soldiers and have fun with them.There are some other times,I will watch outside from my window.When the cars or biuses passed by.I will hold up my round calender and act like I were a driver who drive the car.It was another fun experience and full of imaginative for a kid.What about your experience?
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@littleone3 (2065)
18 Dec 09
Yes I remember a toy I had when I was little that I had great fun playing with I got it for one Christmas. It was a clockwork train with a round track and I use to love winding it up and watch it going round and round it keep me amused for hours. I tried to get one for my youngest son for this Christmas but could not find one any where I suppose they are considered old fashion as all the toy trains seem to run on batteries now.
• Hong Kong
21 Dec 09
Yes,I remember that too.A train was so fun when it goes round and round in the rail track.It would be nice if you can find one for your son because it will extend your memory to the new generation.It may be true that everything change in nowaday but I believe that you can definitely find it .If not try or some reliable website online.I have seen it many times in the shopping mall but I couldn't remember the name of those shops.One of them you may try is shops like toysrus.Have a good day.
@justszack (333)
• Indonesia
17 Dec 09
Gosh, it was long time ago but i can still figure it out when i tried to ride bicycle with my little brother in the back yard after coming back frm school. Time goes by so fast and now i live in different town with him and just meet once in a month when we visit our mom's house. Yeah, this is life
• Hong Kong
17 Dec 09
Although i am a little bit confuse with your toy,(That means your brother or the bicycle was your toy)I think it is good to play with anyway.And I think either your bic or your brother can lead to some fun when you were young.Actually,there were many toys and funny experience in our life when we were young,but just too hard to remember all of them in a few minutes.Well,life is fun and especially to many with a toy in their chidhood.HAVE A GOOD DAY.
@nautilus33 (1831)
17 Dec 09
Yes, I remember it. It was a boomerang, which my parents gave me for my birthday, and I played with it whole day long during the summer. I didn't go out without it, it always was by me
• Hong Kong
17 Dec 09
Hey, I used to play with boomerang too.Unfortunately,it was made by hard plastic and I didn't know how to throw it when I was young.Each time when I throw it out,it was either go up high in the sky and then it just fell down, or it would gp whereever it wants but never came back to me^_^.Few years ago,one of my friend brought one for me as a gift from Australia .It was a wooden one and it was a bit heavy.But this time,I just hang it over my wall and make sure that it won't fly way anymore ^_^.
@jewels49 (1783)
• United States
19 Dec 09
The slinky. The real metal ones would really walk down the stairs, we use to have races with them. And the commercials had this real catchy song we would sing while we played with them.