December 17, 2009 6:01am CST
i've been courting a girl i like for about 3 yrs now, i think that she begins to like me too but after waiting for 3 yrs, i begin to lose interest to her.. what do you think? what should i do? do you think im right? we're in a liberal country :)
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@chriszh22 (433)
• China
17 Dec 09
People will change through time to time. You like the girl three years ago, you might don't like her now I think it's ok, because many things changed during these three years. just be true to your heart. You and the girl don't have any promise to keep, so you're still free to chase others. The key is to find your right girl in your life. Good luck!
@maria1081 (1252)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
I love chivalry. All my past boyfriends have courted me. They give me present and gifts. But what important to me is their sencerity. Concerning your dilemma, the only permanent thing in this world is change. Time can make a lot of changes including your feelings toward the girl. If you are not happy waiting for her then let go and soon you will feel relieve.
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
19 Dec 09
If you have really lost interest in her, then it is best that you be frank and tell her that you are no more interested. It is absurd to stay with a person for your whole life when it is a fact that you have lost interest in her. Love has to grow from the heart.
• United States
18 Dec 09
well, you could always dump her. relationships are like this, they fade in, fade out. sometimes they stick together. relationships that stick together are well worth it. my boyfriend and i have been together for six years. we are sticking it out. i have come to find that we are very different. i am asserting myself in ways that is hard for me, as well he is when i confront him. confronting is a part of a relationship. sometimes people do things that make us mad. but really it is our own selves that grow when we find that we can comply and rebel in little ways that make it ok for us to be ourselves. if you dump her you can always find someone else to date.
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
It means you are not really in love with the girl. You might have been looking for some things that you failed to see in her. You are entitled to your own feelings. You can't force yourself to love a person. You yourself will know if the right one has come along.
@lealuvy2j (1989)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
I think it isn't right for you to still court her because as you have said, you already lost interest. It would be very unfair for the girl if you two became a couple if you are just thinking that the three years of courting her will just go to waste. Assess yourself and what you are feeling for this girl and enter the relationship if you really do love her.
@arystine (1275)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
If you're losing interest, then don't pursue her anymore. She might be led on. It would be difficult if the two of you become a couple when you no longer feel sparks for her and when you're just discovering the female community in college. Life is about meeting new people. Who knows, in the end, maybe it's still the two of you who are meant to be together.