What is a 'social networking' site?

December 17, 2009 6:18am CST
Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone explain what is the meaning of social networking sites? I see that places like Facebook and MySpace and Twitter are very popular but what are these places about? Why do people like them? I see that you can add friends, and people like having 'followers' on Twitter, but what does all this mean? What does it mean to have a follower?? What is the advantage to having a follower or to follow someone else on Twitter? What is the point of having 'friends' on Facebook or MySpace? Do people hope to drum up business or earn money like this? And if so, how? Or is it just for fun? I don't understand how all this works, so please someone explain.
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• United States
23 Dec 09
a social networking site is a website that you meet/interact with people on. such as myspace, twitter, facebook etc... some even have kool things like music pages for bands and artists myspace does this and it's really cool way to meet new people.
• Canada
24 Dec 09
Thanks- i'm glad somebody finally responded! But i still don't quite get it. I understand people interact on social networkings sites, and that myspace and facebook, and twitter are social networking sites. But people interact all over on the internet. They interact on message boards, email lists, and on Mylot! So what is the difference between all of those, and social networking sites?