How do you use Hersheys Chocolate/Strawberry syrup?

December 17, 2009 7:54am CST
I use the syrup as a topping for ice creams or to make ice cream shakes or plain milk shakes. You have any innovative idea to make use of the syrup?
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• United States
17 Dec 09
My dad always used to use the chocolate syrup and mix it into his milk to make chocolate milk. [I occasionally do that too, it's yummy!] I also use it to make chocolate shakes, and occasionally I'll use it to decorate cakes [it's great for this Devil's Layer Chocolate cake I make!] . I haven't really used the strawberry syrup, except to put on ice cream. But even that's occasional - if I want strawberry flavored ice cream, I'll just buy the strawberry ice cream. =]
@ClassyCat (1214)
• United States
18 Dec 09
Sometimes I add chocolate syrup to my coffee, and some whipped cream - yum
• India
9 Dec 10
Coffee + Chocolate syrup + Creeam.. Mmm.. Yummy indeed. Something like a cappucino
@rene12 (797)
• Philippines
20 Dec 09
I just finish eating banana dipped in chocolate syrup a few hours ago when I saw this post. All I can say is it is good very good. Make sure the banana is cold :D Another use is for pancakes and I used to do that when I was still little :D You can also put it in graham cakes :D
• India
9 Dec 10
Wow.. That thought never came to me.. Thats a good idea for an interesting evening snack