The Friend in the White Suit:

Rothesay, New Brunswick
December 17, 2009 10:53am CST
twelve years ago, I met this friend, I was in 9th grade. I became friends with him and our friendship grew over the following 4 years. The last year it had grown closer then it was before. It was odd how it happened, almost like it was suppose to. Him and my father both got sick with cancer at the same time, and often they would share rooms while in the hospital. He and I were lab partners and seemed to eventually work on many projects together, in class when he was at school. I otherwise shy and quiet felt comfortable and at ease with him, I could be myself and he helped me fit in more with others around me. In turn I helped him in many ways. Mostly by treating him like the same person he was before he got sick, something our other friends often forgot to do. I had been in love with him for a while and never realized it until he was sick, thinking it was the wrong time to tell him and hoping he would get better I kept the fact from him. He went down hill in 2002. I dreamt his friend found me in a crowded mall, he looked sad, and told me that someone wanted to see me, asking me to follow. I did, and we ended up in the back store rooms, the place was dark, yet I clearly seen propped up against the wall my friend. He didn`t look well at all, and both of his legs were amputated at the knees. still in his weaken state he looked me in the eyes, I felt that I needed to see him. SO, I went to see him, but the nurse refused to let me in, even though he saw me from his room directly arcoss from the nurses station and he too insisted I be let in, so I never got to tell him. I had a dream shortly afterwards: The same friend of his found me in the mall again but this time he was smiling, once again told me that someone was looking for me and asked me to follow. I did again, going the same way as before, but when we reached the back room however, it was a meadow, the meadow seemed to glow and standing in the center was my friend exactly how I remembered him in life. He wore a white suit and his hands were folded in front of him, he looked directly in my eyes, and smiled the way I always remembered him. I found out the next morning he passed away that night. However since that night, for the last seven years, the white suited friend has appeared in every single dream I have had. Some times he is the main focus of the dream but most times, hes a filler in the background...I notice him sitting on a bench, at a table, walking close by. Each of these times when I notice him, he looks directly in my eyes and smiles. I recently desided to investigate, desprate to know the reasoning for this. I turned to a dream dictionary which I hadn`t held much faith in before, though after I taken in the main focus of his image. White, Suit, Dead, Friend, Eyes, connection and smile. This is ironically what his image in my dreams represents and its bone chilling: White represents death, his appearence in the color white in the meadow dream was telling me he had passed on and he was well and finally at peace. This coming to me on the exact night he died. The suit indicated he wanted me to know this. He continues to appear in the white suit because he wants to stand out, for me to notice he is there. A white suit amungst a sea of normal clothing is easy to point out. The suit also suggests he holds the power over some point in my waking life. Because he passed on and appears, means even in death there are unresolved feelings with him.(Perhaps never being able to tell him I loved him, partly to spare him partly out of fear he would laugh...finding out to late he wouldn`t have) And that someone from my current life reminds me alot of this person, makes me feel that same confortable at ease feeling he often gave me. (which is true I do know someone who makes me feel so much the same that at times, its like I have him back) Because while alive he was my friend, this tells me to consider the relationship I had with him, and things I learned in the short time he was in my life, almost like something that happened then, can influence now. Because I notice the constant eye contact, it suggests that theres something to be aware of to look within myself for the answers, and go with my instincts. Reminding me of missed oppertunities with him, (I learned he was in love with me too, only after he had died) by not being able to go to him and tell him how I feel. The smile means seeking someone to make me happy. Knowing this its easy now for me to see the meaning of his presence. His white suit is to let me know hes always there watching, he obviously knows now how felt and is reassuring me he felt the same, and between his sickness and my nervousness we lost out on our chance to be together, and that he will never forget that and doesn`t want me to ever forget that either. He wants me to remember what we had, every single good time we shared and the things we missed out on, so I do not repeat the same mistakes again. He like me feels he should have mentioned it sooner, and re appears in every dream to let me know hes always there and will always be there, at least until he guides me along through the paths journey of connecting with the person to make me as happy as he did, to fill the space in waking life, he can no longer fill. Like I said, it is bone chilling because if my assumption is right, it also suggests truth in life after death and in soulmate connections. =/
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