Would you be friends with an enemy to win?

December 17, 2009 11:14am CST
Would you have the courage to be friends with an enemy to win? They say it is a good technique or trick to win if you know better your enemy; it is a way to know how they think and how they will beat you. Do you agree on this? Or is it a crazy thing to do just to get what you want.
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17 Dec 09
Do you mean actually be friends with your enemy or to fake it? Also what do you mean to "win" is it all about winning and people beating you. Maybe you need to get away from your "enemy" but most of all to get away from this mindset. If you were really being friends with your enemy then surely you wouldn't see them as competition? Having said that learning about different kinds of people can be interesting and fun and can maybe allow you to protect yourself if you need to.
@thewayis (648)
• Bulgaria
17 Dec 09
No, never. This is the one thing I hate MOST. There is no way that i can pretend to be friends with someone I dont actually like. I have some problems with this attitude of mine at work, however I cant just turn against myself and my beliefs just to make others feel good or just to win something. I would really like an asnwer to this question How would a win taste, if you won while losing your human side? Why do you need a win, when the one, who is winning is someone else and not you anymore?