not attractive

@apgh09 (514)
United States
December 17, 2009 11:52pm CST
have you ever had someone who was attracted to you and you were not attracted to them and they would not leave you alone? goodness, If some one gave you there number and they never called you wouldn't you get the point! ok here is the situation there is a person at work who's teeth are badly taken care of they are stained and looks likes the gums and base of the teeth are rotten really gross, and i am not fond of their body odor. But they have a good personality but I am not interested period ! and they keep asking me why i am not interested in them I try to be nice and not tell that person the truth i dont want to hurt there feelings, and i dont want to create any tension at work. should i tell this person the truth of my disgust or keep ignoring the answer and changing the subject? what are your suggestions in dealing with the situation?
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