He said B plus,What grade would you give Pres. Obama?

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December 18, 2009 1:20am CST
On Oprah Winfrey the President was asked what grade would he give himself for his time so far as President and he said a solid B plus. I believe that is a nout right but I would give him a minus. Some would say his grade will depend on the Health legislation. I disagree. There is to much on his plate and on the American crisis for one issue to make or break him as President short of War. His grade on each issue varies. Number grade included. On the economy ...... B People got to give more time for the tarp to work and spread out. Small business jobs must kick in. But it has stabilized. Check the stock market. 3 Afghanistan........ B- Went with the middle of the road appoach, no real innovation other than a set exit strategy. Should have engaged the religion in a spiritary missionary battle of ideas. 2.5 Health Care........ B For trying and risking his political will and then stnding strong however it turns out.2.75 Overall Foreign Policy.. A And Open handed approach but with the backing of strength as his Nobel Speech assured. The world community likes America again and wants to be our friend. Friendship is better than adversaries any day.4 Climate Change....... A Everyone does not see it but Obama is position America to be the leader in new energy production in the world. The USA has pledged 100 Billion to assist poor countries make alternative fuel.3.75 Education and Technology.B There is alot of talk and plans but so far not alot of implementation. Plans for a surpegrid are awe inspiring and warrant high marks. They will if they dont get implemented.2.75 Justice...................C- The having of the Terrorist Trials in American Courts is his most controversial move yet. It remains to be seen how it will turn out.1.75 20.50 divided by 7 equal 2.925. President Obama agrees with our poll. He is doing a good job. What is your opinion? What is your grade?
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17 Jun 10
i think there is no objective way to grade the presidents performance. this is because everyone has their own agenda that one way or another has been touched/affected by decisions made by the president. the subjectivity of the issue is ostly with the american population. everyone wants the president to do what they want. no one person can please everyone else. i think a better gauge would be." do you think that america is better now than it was before Obama took office?" i say yes
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30 Dec 09
Hello Sourceseeker. I appreciate your grading system. It appears to be well thought out. Many posts on this site re: President Obama are merely Obama-bashing sessions which I find distasteful and unreasonable, therefore, not worth the time to respond. Even if people disagree with your grades, you have presented valid reasons for your opinion. Thank you for being fair. Here is how I would score the president Overall B+: A For effort in trying to get bipartisan support at every turn in the road since he was elected. President Obama continues to reach out to both parties for ideas and support. He continues to make compromises just so his agenda will not completely fall apart. He is willing to accept the half a loaf knowing that it is better for the people than coming away empty-handed. A For having the courage to stand up and follow the advice of his advisors with respect to the banks and financial institutions in spite of the criticism from the public as well as Congressional members who have their own re-elecction foremost in their minds. A For multi-tasking. I do not think he has too much on his plate. He inherited a mess of problems. The country was on the brink of disaster. I think he has enough members on his staff to handle everything that he inherited. Why do we have all of the various Secretaries heading up the different departments if they are not at work solving problems. Even so, there are issues that have been put on the back burner until later. B On the economy. I'm not sure anyone really knew (or for that matter, knows today) what will really work. His advisors are trying to maintain a delicate balance that gets America back on its feet, but at the same time, brings the world market along. After all, it is said that when America sneezes, the world catches a cold. Certain things we believe would boost our economy - like bringing American jobs back home to America. But how does that affect the global market? What happens in the US when the rug is yanked out from under foreign manufacturers? What happens in those foreign countries? How does that affect out foreign policy? Can we unring the bell just like that? On the other hand, I do not believe the money given for green jobs has been monitored in a way that ensures the expected jobs are created. I hear some companies are using the money to expand their companies in other ways that do not include jobs. A- On foreign policy. Since President Obama's election, America is no longer the bully that screams "My way or the highway!" President Obama has expressed a willingness to listen, cooperate and partner with other countries that makes them feel better about America and its intentions. Time will tell if he is too soft or not. Will other countries take us seriously enough to fall in line and stand with us as allies when we call on them for military and financial support? You are right, the Nobel Peace prize spoke volumes. However, to date, it seems there is a lot of lip service without these countries walking the walk. B+ On Health care reform. He has gotten farther than any President yet with this issue. It has been a long and arduous road and he has had to compromise far more than many of us would have liked - even going against his own campaign promises. Be that as it may, rather than walk away empty-handed, looks like he will get something. It is far from perfect. No one will deny that. But given the opposition, I admire his courage to push ahead even at the risk of his own political capital. B On Iraq/Afghanistan. President Obama appears to be stuck with following information only from his select advisors. I would like to see him expand his base of advisors and not listen just to his Generals. I am concerned that we may have another Viet Nam on our hands and we will not be able to send enough troops over there, no matter how many we send. I am also concerned that our mission has become cloudy and muddy. We started out looking for Osama Bin Laden and now we are building a country. I understand this to some extent, but how far must we go with this? Are we getting side-tracked again? B+ Climate change. The jury is still out on this issue. I appreciate that the president is involved. It certainly needs to be addressed. I just home he looks at everything and how it affects the US as well as the world globally. I do not want him to give away the store in this quest. B+ Education and Technology. Again, the jury is out. There is much to do. So many children and adults in need, so little time to make a much needed difference quickly. There is so much to fix in our schools. I like what he says about the subject, but I have not seen enough yet. B+ Justice. Closing Gitmo is a good thing. I personally think terrorists should be brought to the US, tried and placed in maximum security prisons here. Look at what happened to the guy that brought the Swiss Airplane. They kept him a while and then let him go so they could negotiate an oil deal. Now that he is back home, his life threatening cancer is no longer an issue and he has disappeared off the radar. We cannot depend on other countries to do what we are not willing to do for ourselves. I give him a B+ because he did not have his people come up with a viable plan before he rushed to set a closing date for Gitmo. This plan was not given enough thought as to how it would be carried out. If he had not committed to closing Gitmo, he might have been able to come up with a plan to reform how Gitmo was run and how prisoners were processed. The president backed himself into a corner on this one. A Justice Part 2. Appointing Judge Sotomayer to the Supreme Court was a good thing. Diversity is a good thing. It should not be the sole or primary reason for appointing anyone to office or hiring anyone to a job, but when there is an imbalance that is not representative of the people being served, and all other factors of qualification are equal, then diversity should be a goal. The president has not had a full year in office yet, but he has tackled so many issues. He is a very smart man and it is difficult for many of us average Joes to wrap our heads around the idea that one man can handle so much at once. We have to remember that he was a community organizer. He is used to multi-tasking. The United States is just a larger community. The same principles apply. I daresay that he will get better at this as he goes along. After all, every president enters office as a trainee. Some are just better equipped than others.