how to be myself???

December 18, 2009 2:26am CST
sometimes when i experience something,and feel ashamed for the way i have done.and then i told myself when you face that again just do it follow your mind,but always failed again,then feel afflictive more,so what do i shoud do,it seems i have been stucked by myself
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@mistlady (114)
• India
18 Dec 09
I am sure that everyone of us at some point of time in life feel regret for having done something or not having done something in our life. I think what we need to remember that our entire life is a learning process and we grow from every experience of our life as we learn from our mistakes as well as the good things that we do. So I think that if you feel you have failed or are feeling afflicted by some experience of your life or something that you have done you should just learn from your experience and resolve to do better next time and also do it so. That will help you to stop brooding and thinking about it and put it behind you. Also sometimes talking about your feelings helps. But then be careful whom you talk to because the person you share your feelings with must be your real wellwisher and friend. Good luck to you!!