Don't you hate it when you miss someone during christmas?

December 18, 2009 11:47pm CST
Christmas is a time of family gatherings, reunions and being together with your love ones. But don't you hate it when this time of season comes and your getting the feel of the holiday seasons without the one you truly love? It is sickening and make you want to wish this season never comes. You feel lonely and alone when you have no one to be with.. Does anyone feel this or experience this season's loneliness?
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• China
19 Dec 09
Hi mariashieryl I'm sorry you're gonna to spend holiday alone.After I come out for education,I often cannot spend some festivals with my family.On that day,I always feel so lonely but have no idea what to do ,even cannot cry.I guess it maybe a deep feeling in one's heart that tears cannot help.Another word,if you cannot change the situation,just adjust to it.Maybe you can do something you always wanna do alone but have no chance.Take it hopefully.