what do you think:school days or college days

December 19, 2009 2:27am CST
I think school days are better than college days. in school we enjoy a lot and the memories remain long life.there were restrictions,but still we manage to enjoy.bunking schools,playing cricket,no worries at all. In college life there are no restrictions,but still school days are memorable What do you think?
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@codris (783)
• Italy
19 Dec 09
i think that they're the same, beacause at school there were a lot of friends, we knew each others so it was realy funny to go to school, but it was different beacause we have to stay at chool for all the day and 6 days per week, now at college i can go when i want, and exams are only at the end of every six months, but there are a few friends there beacause everyone think only abot himself and they aren't iterested in friendship.
• United States
19 Dec 09
I enjoy my college days as an adult much, much more than I do my school days. High school and elementary school was full of a lot of "fitting in", that yes was important because it teaches social skills, but if you don't fit in, it can cause a lot of hardship, and high school issues, of having to be a person that you really aren't. It is more of all that bullcrap than it is learning. I love college because I can socialize if I want or not, but I learn sooooooo much more than I ever did in schooling, and I learn about whatever specifically I want to learn about. There is no comparison of the two, school before was a popularity contest, college is where work and smarts actually count