The Indian Team Bowling Stinks

December 19, 2009 3:09am CST
hi friends.dont take it the wrong way but i am seriously starting to hate the indian bowlers,especially the quickies. actually if i start it will go on too long so i will try to make it short. [b]first ODI,zaheer and ashish nehra bowled very well in the death overs to bring india victory. second ODI,they tried it again,came way too close but lost it even after good death bowling. WONDERING WHY I HATE THE BOWLING? well you might have noticed that during the death overs,zaheer will give all kinda advices to nehra and praveen kumar how to bowl and they do bowl well. here is the reason. during the first 15 overs,it will be the openers who demolih the bowling with only a max of 3 fielders outside the ring. last 10 overs,whether its the openers or the middle order batsmen or even tail-enders,they will go after the bowling all guns blazing. WHY IS THAT THE SAME INDIAN QUICKIES WHO MANAGE TO CHOKE THE SETTLED BATSMEN FROM GETTING EASY SINGLES OR BOUNDARIES AND BOWL WITH VENOM DURING THE LAST 10 OVERS FAILS TO SHOW THE SAME KINDA ATTITUDE AND VENOM AND AGGRESION? WHY IS THAT? THE FACT BEING THAT QUICKIES WILL GET MUCH PURCHASE FROM WICKET DURING THE FIRST 8-10 OVERS .BUT OUR BOWLERS GET SMASHED ALL OVER THE PARK DURING THE FIRST 2 POWER PLAYS . WHY DO THE BOWLERS LEAVE IT ALL TO THE END TO SHOW THEIR BEST? IF THEY PERFORM AT THEIR BEST AT THE START AND MAKE SURE THE BATSMEN WORK HARD FOR THEIR RUNS,YOU CAN WIN COMFORTABLY WITH A 300+ SCORE. WHY THIS MIND SET?[/B]
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14 Jan 10
yes of course not only u I'm also very angry with them,it they are not performing well they should out and young talented bowlers must come in ,and give chance to them for play at least one series then only the old bowlers out, whatever it is I'm so angry with the performance .
@Wismay (2038)
• India
19 Dec 09
I agree with you. Indian bowlers are not incisive enough in the first 10 overs. They allow opposition openers to play shots easily. They should concentrate on taking minimum two wickets within first ten overs. And, they don't know how to contain a batsman once he settles down and starts hammering them! They give it up to the batsman to make a mistake and give them a chance! Loser mindset! And if you observe no Indian bowler is capable of bowling at constant pace of 140 kmph speed. And to cover it up they don't even have the knack of bowling yorkers or reverse swing consistently. They just hope some miracle will happen! In the last game Lankans didn't keep their cool and got themselves out unnecessarily so they lost the match. In the second game they knew what to do and they did. And they won! At the end of the day, the better team wins. So India need to concentrate on being the better team rather than expecting opposition to play poorer than Indians!