Cheers or Jeers?

@yelambar (144)
December 19, 2009 3:27am CST
the champions league draw pitts several players/managers vs their old teams. Should they be jeered or cheered? Benzema Beckham Aliaksandr Hleb Jose Mourinho
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• India
24 Dec 09
Cheering ot jeering former players returning to their old club is quite a subjective question to answer. The player's performance on the pitch is not the only criteria for fans as I see it. Its also got a lot to do with the player's statements made once he's left the club. Eg: Beckham vs Tevez We all know what both these players gave to MU. There's no questioning their attitude even when had bad games. But as saw it at the local Manchester derby, Tevez had to face the boos of the United fans in retaliation to his statements about the gaffer once he joined City. He may have said that he'd never join Liverpool as an acknowledge for the love he got from the fans but his comments against SAF didn't go down well at all. At the same time, Beckham will probably be given a warm welcome to OT as he's never said anything against the club in the media. Its the loyalty that the fans most expect from the players. While I'm not against a little jeering of former players, I feel it should be restricted to just boos as they've become common and not go beyond that. Abusing the players using foul language or even worse throwing missiles is a strict no no according to me. After all, the player served the club at one point in time giving his all.
• China
19 Dec 09
Perhaps it calls "destiny" Hleb maybe work harder to prove his real value. His is a top at assist and dribble in the Bundesliga and EPL but went to oblivion after he went to Camp Nou. And now, he restart his way where he started in the Stuttgart