is it necessary to get married if you're pregnant?

December 19, 2009 3:44am CST
Getting married is a big issue in our life. I have a lot of sisters and they have their own children already but only one of my sister is married. They say , before people wanted to get married to have children but now a days it's different people get married because they already have children. I asked my sister about getting married but she just always change the topic every time i do. I think it's useless to get married because you can have a divorce anytime. do you think so?
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• China
19 Dec 09
as we all know,marriage is a serious matter for us,but it is a complex matter,the organization of a family,need great courage,but also has the support of money,meybe.divorce is a easy thing,but the acceptance of divorce, it is difficut to bear,i think you sisters has her reasons,just we cannot to understand