how make good friend

December 19, 2009 10:03am CST
my friend is very fond with others but i never share my feelings with my friends because i think that when i share my feelings with her she laugh at me and my feelings in your opinion suggest me how i fond with my friends.
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@Wismay (2038)
• India
19 Dec 09
It is a life long learning process! But one thing is to understand that if we want to share our feelings or anything the person with who we share should deserve it. Many a times, others take advantage of what we share with them. If you completely believe a person then share your feelings. And the best way to trust a person is just observe whether that person tells things what others told to him or her. If he or she can keep things to himself or herself then that is a sign that you can trust that person. And no matter how much you have faith it is always better not to share everything! If you want to have a good bond with your friends and have their fondness for you then listen to them. Listen to what they say. Understand them. Tell a few things of you. Always, let them know that you are there for them when they need you. But at the same time you need have limit and some principles which your friends should respect. Other than that there no rule whatsoever. Just be free, frank and enjoy the time with friends. Happy Mylotting!
@b4balaji (410)
• India
19 Dec 09
The best thing to do is not to expect anything from your friends. And try to be helpful as far as you can, which will make them realize that you love them more. Ya it is right, you can never share your friends easily, your heart wont allow it, even if your mind says so.