How many SwagBucks per day do you earn?

United States
December 20, 2009 1:21pm CST
Hi, I've been a member of SwagBucks for 2 months and started loving it a few days ago. I've made $10 in Amazon gift cards, and I still have 182 SwagBucks left to use (thanks to Yahoo! Personals). If you're not in SwagBucks, please check and join under my banner. I'll give you a $5 Amazon gift card after you earn 100 SwagBucks from searches. :) So I was wondering how many per day do you guys earn on average? Can you earn more than once a day from searching? I read an article yesterday that you can earn every 6 hours. Is that true? I tried searching again last night but I never earned anything. I'd really like to know, guys. Thanks!
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