Need info on bipolar disorder

December 20, 2009 4:53pm CST
I am trying to write a novel about a teenage girl with bipolar disorder. Her Bipolar Disorder manifests itself when she is a teen. In my novel, she has her first manic episode- she, her family and friends don't understand what's happening. Eventually she gets very depressed and ends up in the hospital. Can someone please tell me how she might behave with her first manic episode? Would it start off mild and then get worse and worse? Also, what would happen in the hospital? Would they allow visitors? Can her classmates visit her? Would she be assigned a therapist? Would they start her on medication? How long would she stay at the hospital? Also what kind of side effects would the medication she is taking have? I am thinking of puting her on lithium.
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@rosepedal64 (4192)
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20 Dec 09
The first thing that I would like to say is that lithium is too harsh for a teen girl to be on. Beside that lithium will make someone almost lifeless. They agree and just stare alot. I would suggest Lamitical with Abilify added. So with a low dose of each. Like 25mg.of Lamitical 5mg of Abilify. I think that her manic episode would a repeated talker. You know just keep talking and the mind is racing with thoughts. Then she goes into the depression mode as quickly as the talking mode. She cries and can't explain why she is crying. During this time she needs to concentrate on her recovery and so therefore the friends and distant family members need to stay away until she is in good control again. If she responed to the meds then her hospital stay could be short term.Something like the common 72 hour hold. Then she needs to follow up monthly with a psy doctor for her meds and have a counseler to talk with about her on going issues that she faces every day life.
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23 Dec 09
Thanks- i will take your advice. But really, i dont know if i'm supposed to mention the name of the medication in my book. ???
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24 Dec 09
Im not sure about that either. You might to check in on that too. I think maybe you could as long as you lable the book as something other than a true story. I think ..... Keep Smiling.