keep an eye on gold market

@magic9 (981)
December 21, 2009 12:02am CST
I opened a bank account for gold investment. but since I know nothing about it, I feel like it is impulse that drives me to do that. Last week, I was too eager to wait, so I bought a gold necklace at the highest price, I knew it would drop and would only drop. And I also rushed to the bank to open an account and was going to deposit a certain amount of money to invest in gold. But I happened to meet weekends on which gold markets close. So I have to wait. and during this wait, I checked some comments and rules and I found that more people lose money than earn money and I realize that my action is totally like gambling instead of investment. To invest in gold market demands very good proficiency in finance and rich experience in stocks, foreign currency exchange and so on. So now I am calmed down a little, and I decide to wait and observe for a while before I take my first move.
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