Do you SMILE BACK to a person who give you a smile?

December 21, 2009 12:11am CST
we see a lot of strangers and friends in our daily life. many of them smiles towards us (with or without any reason). so will you give back a smile to them ? there is a well known proverb SMILE COSTS NOTHING,BUT IT GAINS MUCH. i belive in it , so i usually smile back .
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@esjosh (915)
• India
21 Dec 09
Hey Ram, I truly agree with "SMILE COSTS NOTHING,BUT IT GAINS MUCH". I do the same. And will wish that everyone inspire from you this post and begin smiling back. Hats of to you, really nice topic started.
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@agv0419 (3030)
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
Yes I do smile back to the person who smiles at me. I don't want to be snob so I smiling back to them and give them the impression that I'm friendly. Yes I believe in that saying too and there's nothing wrong about it.
@lelin1123 (15645)
• Puerto Rico
21 Dec 09
For sure I do. I have experienced the best smiles ever from a total stranger. These smiles stay with you because for some strange reason they seem to mean more to me because they came from a complete stranger.
• United States
21 Dec 09
As long as it is not some creepy guy that is smiling at me in a way to hit on me, then I do give a warm smile back when I see people smile at me. I think that the world would be a much better place if people were happier and wanted to make others feel good by just raising their mouth into a smile, it is minimal effort, and someone on the street that is having a horrible day, that feels utterly alone, that tiny effort that shows appreciation of "hey you are here in the world, just like me, you deserve a sign of friendliness", that one tiny effort of being friendly and a kind person, could keep them going that day, or help keep them going.....this world is f'd up, we need to be positive to survive I think.
• United States
21 Dec 09
i guess am one of those stranger who smile at a person but not to get back a smile,i smile cause am polite and it's apart of me.