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December 21, 2009 12:22am CST
I currently babysit a 2 year old. he is very well behaved but he is very quiet around me. i know he isnt like this at home and i do appreciate it because my baby is 4 months old. He like to watch tv all day. he won't even look at me when i talk to him unless i turn the television off. i have tried to get him to paint etc but he just want to watch tv. would you just turn the tv off while he is there and give him other things to do? or should i just let him keep with his regular routine. At home this is all he does so he thinks its normal. Even when he eats he spills food or takes a long time to eat because he want to watch tv. I don't know what to do. any ideas?
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25 May 10
I would definitely try to engage him in other activities. Still let him watch TV for a little while but not all the time! There's SO much you can do with a 2 year old to keep them occupied and teach them =)
@Rysonia (310)
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16 May 10
Try to work out a schedule (one that includes no tv immediately after meals). Have set times for activities but still leave him his tv viewing as well. It's sad that at 2 years old he thinks that watching tv is all there is to life. He is at the perfect age to begin teaching him. I mean seriously, they have found a way to begin teaching 2 and 3 year olds how to read...