What men talk about when gathered?

@taurisca (104)
December 21, 2009 1:51am CST
Come in my notice, when the woman gathered at the base of the subject is an ideal man, boyfriends or gossip. I like to know what men talk about when gathered
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• Philippines
21 Dec 09
in my case, if my friends gathered and especially if were all men, i can make sure that we have unlimited topics to be discussed. from current events, sports, crimes and women.. we are proud to share stories we have with our partners and x-partners. And if were finished on that topic we can go to our most favorite topic, anime.. all of us likes anime.
@nautilus33 (1831)
21 Dec 09
Hi! I think all men have different discussions to talk about. For example, when we gather with my friends we talk about many things- where to go for a walk, go fishing, new computer games, new movies, we share something interesting that happened to us presently. But as I remember we have never talk about women, or we have, but it was very rarely, when I can't remember . Maybe you think, we men talk about women when we gather, but it isn't so( well, there are such men, but I'm not from them)