From prep to collegeis everything taught in school necessary?

@bulastika (5967)
December 21, 2009 9:39am CST
Hi guys! Is it worth it? Spending from Prep to College? If you collect all of the expenses incur from your days in schooling and put it in a bank or open a business..Which do you prefer? A business or a diploma? Is everything thought in school necessary? ... Me I'm graduate but until now I don't have a job. Some, who is not even reach college has a good job. Are they lucky? And worse in my part. I can't even remember what my teacher teach me in elementary. .. I'm just thinking why not teach the kids the right stuff and removed the so common lessons.. If you teach elementary students with high school curriculum will they pass? Why not make elementary a 3 years instead of 7? and high school a 2 years instead of 4? and the rest is college life.. In that case the cost of schooling is less and same time students has an early start to earn money and become productive.
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@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
27 Jan 10
I do think it is worth it to spend time in elementary and highschools. If you are suggsting that we should cut the school preparation years, do you think that young learners are appropriate to learn high school lessons? The school have their own curriculum in developing the students and even though we are feeling that some lessons are not useful in our life, it trains our brain to think (at the moment you learn it) and to respond to certain conditions/problems. Its not that you do not have a job but you haven't got a job yet. you should try to find more and start to broaden your scope of job positions. If you think you are not interested in marketing job, try to apply for the job. At least you can have a job while you experience something you used to hate. Probably it suits you yet you just don't know it.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
28 Jan 10
Your right. We can't predict our own future. I think the best way to approach study is to make best out of it. I never been serious in my studies that way I never been serious in looking for a job because I don't have any credential to speak with.
• United States
21 Dec 09
And the what about the quality of education? You can not even remember what your teacher taught you in elementary? You can read, write and do arithmetic which you learned from elementary school. Education is a continuous process, you just forget but actually you are using it. Going thru higher education is just a discipline. I had Masters degree in teaching math but I was teaching high school teaching basic math skills competencies, not the actual preparation of higher math, now I need a refresher course or review in order to do some of my favorite lessons I had during my course. When you teach elementary students with high curriculum, they can not passed they can not achieve the quality of education and are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to apply for their future jobs. There are laws of repetition of lessons method in order to master all the skills. If you are a graduate and no job but had a job. Just keep trying. Winner never quits, quitter never wins - christopher r. lol
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
22 Dec 09
Yeah..Don't use names..