My 2009, and what about yours?

December 21, 2009 11:35am CST
In 2009, I have expeienced many things, master's degree graduate, has traveled all over the country to find jobs. The global financial crisis also affected China. To find a satisfactory wage is very difficult to piece things, but now iI have worked and I will married with my fiancee at the end of the year. What about your 2009, please share with me. Thank you mylotting.
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• United States
21 Dec 09
Well my 2009 was equivalent to my 2007. It wasn't great and I had a lot of issues I dealt with but there are some good memories that came from it. Whereas my 2008 was absolutely horrible. 2009 kind of just feels like a conituation of 2008 but not nearly as bad. My boyfriend and I had a good year, up until the end but we've steadied back out. And my family life in the beginning of the year was pretty rocky as well. But that has also evened out. Altogether I must say I am not impressed with 2009 but I have a good feeling about next year. I really quite feel like I've officially hit rock bottom like, it can't get any worse. So I hope 2010 will bring a much better year for me.
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