Finding out that you are adopted

December 21, 2009 5:35pm CST
What would you feel if you knew that the parents you believed to be so is not your biological parents-- that you were only adopted? Would you feel betrayed for they lied to you?
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@MultiGod (86)
• Indonesia
21 Dec 09
I don't think we should feel sad. If they adopted us, they pitied and cared for us. If they cared us, they loved us. And they sacrificed a lot for us, that makes them a parent for us. They didn't tell us, because, it will make us feel isolated, and start to think:"Where's my real parents?""Why did they throw me out?""They're just my foster parents.". That's why.
• Philippines
21 Dec 09
Thanks... Despite being adopted, they have given the love and care real parents do...
@jakie18 (229)
• Philippines
7 Jan 10
If my parents raised me with love and support I will never felt betrayed.I will even thank them for my proper upbringing.I may feel bad for sometime because they kept it a secret but I must understand that they only want what's best for me.I will ask if it's okay if I look for my biological family to find out how they are doing.It's better that I was adopted and raised well than I became one of the street children running alone because they were left by their parents in the front door of the church, garbage can or even in dark dirty sidewalk.I will still praise God for giving me wonderful parents even if their not my biological one.
@tawny_24 (351)
• United States
6 Jan 10
I am adopted and I have always known that. I also know myself pretty well, and I am not the person to lied to, nor am I the person you want to catch you telling a lie. I had to deal with several major identity crises growing up. If I had been lied to about my adoption status it would have made it that much worse. I think it is so cruel to wait for a person to grow up and then rip the rug out from under them by telling them that they aren't who they thought they were. It makes me angry and sick to think about it, especially when I have seen close friends that I didn't know were adopted go through this. I learned a lot about what the perception of adopted children is.
@magara (31)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
Somehow I feel sad about it. It's like missing half of what you are. But as they say, "time heals all wounds", in due time everything will be okay. Pain will go away. Then forgiveness sets in...
• United States
21 Dec 09
If my parents adopted me, then they've been doing a very good job hiding the fact, because I've seen their ID and my birth certificate. I've often asked the question when I was a kid, and they've always responded with "If we weren't your biological parents, would we treat you this nicely?". When I was a child, and my mind was shaped by the media to think that foster parents treat adopted children badly, this seemed like a reasonable answer. Now, I realize that not all foster parents will treat their adopted children badly, obviously, especially if they are not able to have children of their own. However, I believe that they would still treat adopted children differently. If my parents adopted me, I'd want to go on an adventure to find my biological parents. I would still be very happy with my foster parents, because they've treated me like their own. I understand that sometimes, parents need to lie to their children to keep them happy.