life or death

@apgh09 (514)
United States
December 22, 2009 12:02am CST
if you were expecting a baby and the doctor said that this baby was servilely deformed or had some form of brain disease and there was no cure, is it right for the baby to live in possible misery or is it right to have a abortion and keep the baby from possibly having a miserable life?
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@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
7 Jan 10
One lady I know was told "if you have your baby he will be like a monster". She was told " having a disabled baby will break up your marriage". Her baby has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The hospital tried to get her to have an abortion. At 36 weeks pregnancy I was told " there is extra fluid on the head go upstairs and the midwife will tell you all about it". The midwife explained "your baby might not be compatible with life. I am booking you in with the fetal medicine unit at half past nine tomorrow morning". So I went to the fetal medicine unit. The consultant confirmed " your baby has spina bifida and hydrocephalus". At one point he asked "do you want to have an abortion"? I replied "that is the most 100% sickest thing I have ever heard". I went to see a surgeon and he painted a slightly better picture. I went ahead with my home birth then my son went to the special care baby unit. Now he is two and a half year old boy. He has had two operations and now he can live happily. I wouldn't ever have an abortion.
• United States
22 Dec 09
In my mind I don't think its wrong to have an abortion. For others it is so their logic behind their answers are completely different from mine. If I was told that my baby was going to live a miserable life then I would go ahead and put the baby up for abortion. The thing is I don't see how it would be easy for a child to begin a life in that state. It's different when you've been fine before because you were able to go through the learning process but those early years in life are crucial. Also it would have to be a major brain disease in order for me to make this decision. If it was something simple then I probably wouldn't, but if it was something that would hinder their life to where they would never be able to live on their own or really think that much for themselves then why let them suffer. And also if you take a different approach to it you can bring in economical factors like costs later on in life and what it does to our healthcare having someone in a state where a ton of money has to be used on them.
@cobradene (1171)
• India
22 Dec 09
We are no one to decide if the baby has the right to live or die. If this baby is born with some disease which it has to suffer with, it has to suffer with it. It has brought it with it's astral and causal body, because of it's own karmic reasons. All of us have karma to fulfill and even this baby has to fulfill it. We are not God, or we are not designing the law of Karma. So we have no right to interfere with it's law of Karma either. We must let it take it's own course. If the baby doesn't live through to suffer the disease, and if we abort it, then the soul will have to take another birth naturally to go through it again, (maybe). But we can't judge law of karma and we can't take another souls karma into our hands. We must be careful before taking such decisions. Even even when go for abortions, they must be very careful if they are doing the right thing. A murder is a murder, be it an infant or a fetus or whatever.
@b4balaji (410)
• India
22 Dec 09
According to me it is better to kill a wounded soldier who has lost a lot of blood, and crying in pain. The great mahatma gandhi once said the same. So thinking of the trouble that child will face in life, after it is born, it is better to not bring that child to earth. We are fortunate to have technical advancement, that gives us picture of the child before it is born, so we must make use of it. I dont think the child itself will like the way it is after it is born.