Jesus Christ Born On Christmas Day

December 22, 2009 5:37am CST
What are the proofs that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
2 Jul 10
Its the belief and notes in Bible
@ronaldinu (12445)
• Malta
28 Feb 10
There is no proof that Jesus Chris was born on Christmas Day. The 25 th of December was a pagan celebration of the sun. The early Christians decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on this day because Jesus is the sun of our lives. In the gospels we don not have a precise account of on what date Jesus was born
@lowloy (316)
• United States
8 Feb 10
That is a good question, but if we believe He is Our Savior and Our Friend then we believe He was born on Christmas day. I know another person born on Christmas day I want to tell you about, it is my Great, Great Grandma. I found a copy of the article that my Grand mother had cut out of the news paper in 1947 around that year. The article explains she was born on christmas day in a mainjor (spelling)when her parents stopped to seek shelter in a farmers house in Indiana, so he put them up in his barn. They were traveling by covered wagon in the 1800's
• United States
7 Feb 10
The same proofs that have millions of people blindly coloring eggs every easter only to be hidden from children by an invisible bunny rabbit.;
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
Actually Jesus was not really born no december 25, Christmas day was just practiced by the Catholic church and not really based on the bible. December 25 was the birthday of one of the pagan's God, the God of Sun. the funny side of this fact is that even though lots of people know that december 25 is not really the birth date of christ, yet they still celebrate the christmas day.. Anyway lots of religion are doing things without even knowing the reason and purpose.
• Romania
22 Jan 10
Jesus Christ was not born on Christmas Day. The Bible didn't mention about Him being born on Christmas day. It is difficult to determine when is the actual date He was born.
9 Jan 10
He wasn't born on Christmas Day. What we now call Christmas was an existing festival before the time of Christ, and the church adopted it at a later date. The end of december is mid-winter. the original festival was to worship the sun, whic wasn't seen so much at that that of year. The Church used the date to worship the son - of God. I bet the shepherds who were our tending their flocks at night were glad not to be doing so in the cold of December. Jesus Christ was actually born in September.
• India
30 Dec 09
The birth of Jesus christ is celebrated as Christmas.