familiarising science or popular science

Science  - Popular science.
@babu10 (74)
December 22, 2009 7:47am CST
This is an age of science.Science has blessed us with many gifts.With the help of science man has become the master of the whole universe.In agriculture,commerce,industry,communication,household appliances,medicine,transport,entertainment-in a word in all departments of life science and technology have brought forth a new era of hope and prosperity.But in spite of all these has science really changed the basic attitude towards the problems of our life?Probably not.In many areas of our social and economic life superstitions,false notions and baseless beliefs predominate even today.Therein comes the questions of popular science.We have to take science to every door and develop a scientific outlook in all our deeds.Everyone must imbibe the spirit of science before enjoying the fruit of science.By familiarizing science among the common people,we may bring in a new social order.Science must go deep within our social system and change our attitudes from within.
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