No more pixie stix for you!

United States
December 22, 2009 8:00am CST
You shameless doubters! Do you realize you were just this far..yes, just this far away from sugar-free kool-aid and an eyedropper! But the providers have seen fit to have pity on you AND double your rations..EVEN tho you know in your heart you don't deserve it..In celebration of this wonderous day, PLEASE, no fussin' and fumin' about portions..Just post and be happy and be thankful that your pixie stix are safe (scowl) Or TOMORROW... As it happens, Liz is home a couple days from her holiday pet-sitting jobs. She'll be off again on wednesday and I won't see her again until New Year's Day...The point is that, as part of her 'I'm home!' routine she plans together time..and as I am 57 and she's about to pounce(?) on 62, its not what you're thinking (don't make me get graphic). THAT would be a comedic adventure all its own, rated ALMOST X (a humorous attempt at intimate relations)..Public rating..2 thumbs, a snicker and 4 guffaws up!..hmm..Robin Williams was on cable last night (One of my favorites! He and George Carlin top my list of tee-hee 'til ya pass out people.) And we had a wonderful together time snickering and laughing and trying to keep our teeth from doing a little dance across the carpet. Its just not kool gumming your humor! So, what about you? Be it together time (mis)adventures or comedics who make you laugh until you pee..Bring it on!
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