last minute inexpensive gifts?

United States
December 22, 2009 1:10pm CST
hiya!! just wondering are you good at coming up with last minute inexpensive gifts? I am pretty broke this year and i was going to make fudge for my family and put it in little inexpensive boxes, well when that didn't work out, because iv never made fudge before and it ended up not seting... i was in a frantic thinking i wasnt going to have anything to show them i care, i decided that i could just make some hot cocoa mix with candy cane pieces and mini marshmallows in clear little Baggies, and then set the in the boxes. i know its not much but i would feel bad if i didnt give them anything. do you do stuff like that?? what are some of the inexpensive gifts you have come up with? p.s. merry christmas or holidays (if you prefer) and happy new year!!!
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