how does this work?

United States
December 22, 2009 3:40pm CST
I am new to mylot and i was wondering,as i couldnt find any information on here, if people reply to our post do we earn more money? also, if we reply to someone who left a comment on a post we started do we earn money then as well?? thanks to anyone who can help me.
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@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
23 Dec 09
Your earnings in here are contingent on you posting quality, as that is what mylot is looking for. If you post a lot but none are quality, then you won't make much if anything at all. Your posts should be more than 4 lines, be descriptive, and have substance. You also need to be active and participate in discussions to earn. You can also try to do tasks, as they will boost your earnings as well. Actually, no one knows what the rate is per post, as mylot uses an algorthm and none of know what that is, as if they wanted us to know, they would tell us. Also, when you start any discussions, you should pot comments to the responses you receive, as you are only paid for what you do, and not the activity of others. Basically, it all amounts to quality on all posts. So keep this in mind when posting. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
• United States
23 Dec 09
Thank you, this is extremly helpful. I do my best to only post quality comments. I want to be able to make money as well as contribute to a discussion. so far i havent made much, but i do hope that that will change. i wonder what the average person makes daily on mylot?
• United States
30 Mar 10
no it doesnt really work that way. basically you only earn if you respond to your own discussions. or you can earn from responding to discussions. those are the two common ways of earning on mylot. best of luck with earning.