Facebook or Orkut ???

Facebok or Orkut - Which among facebook or orkut is better
December 22, 2009 3:58pm CST
Hi friends, I normally use orkut but from some 10-15 days I have started using facebook as well. I found that facebook is better that orkut so now I use it normally more often than I m using orkut. According to you which is better. Is it fcaebook or is it orkut.
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• Bangladesh
23 Dec 09
There are lot of community site over online. It is unusual to think that everybody will know or familiar with every site. every community site has its own uniqueness if you are actively use those site you will able to find. Facebook is definitely most popular site as orkut. You will only find every site useful if you are interested to those site. My opinion is orkut and facebook is definitely good site from their own category.
• Belgium
23 Dec 09
yes there are lots of community sites on internet. But facebook and orkut are the two largest ones. So I found it strange that some people have not heard about them. But now I got that it is normal. Orkut is not famous in many parts of the world.
• United States
22 Dec 09
I have never heard of orkut i wonder what its like. I wonder if its better than facebook i wish you would of described both sites, I know of facebook its like a twitter but cooler. I hate twitter reading other people's twitters is boring facebook status is cooler facebook is just more organize and feels more like a chat site. its a down grade of myspace. Because myspace came first. So i would have to go with facebook is better. Well happy mylotting