Earn by searching!!!

November 15, 2006 2:25am CST
We do a lot of searching every day using search engines like google, alta vista, yahoo, etc., etc., but how many of we know that we can get paid for searching? Yesterday I found out a site called kazook.net, which pays for searching in the search engines, but using their website as a login entry. We need not pay anything for that. All we have to do is get a PayPal account and register with kazook.net and select the search engine for searching. I am not sure if it is genuine or not, but we are not going to lose anything by trying it out simply because we use a lot of search engines anyway. Hope this information is useful to all. It has a referral program too. Please use my referral link to register and let us help each other out. http://www.kazook.net/?r=2887
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