Payment from trekpay

@icecubic (1851)
December 22, 2009 10:53pm CST
Hi mylotters, i have made my first payment a few weeks ago, then i request payment since 2 weeks ago, it still not deposited into my paypal yet. They say will be clear on 7 day, but till this day still haven't done, for trekpay member who have received payment there how long you get it?? Thanks a lot
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• India
23 Dec 09
Ya trekpay really pays but i am concerned also trekpay paid all people till last week but seems they delaying their payment may be because of any reason but number of people complaining the same has made me thinking however, merry xmas to you :)
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
23 Dec 09
Well, i received my recent payment from Trekpay after waiting for nearly 2 weeks. The Trekpay admin had changed the recent new rules where, the members needs to wait for 2 weeks to see the payment being send into their paypal account. Anyway, don't worry, my friend also still get paid by this site recently, so it's still a good paying site which is quite worth to spend time into it.
• United States
23 Dec 09
Trekpay DOES pay. If you look at the homepage (page you get after login) and scroll down a little, you will see that there was a payment change. Payments are a little slow now, but be patient.
@Wordlinx (507)
• India
23 Dec 09
They will deposit the amount in 15 days, but it may vary depending on the requested date. If you request the payment on the day of credit conversion, usually on Thrusdays, then we will get our payment exactly on the 15tt day,on the second credit conversion day after your request..I have received three payments from them and now I have reached the fourth payout level.I will request in the next Thursday and they will pay after 15 days.
• Canada
23 Dec 09
It took 2 weeks for me. Check out my video on my profile page. I show proof of payment.
@iwrite (5042)
• Singapore
23 Dec 09
Hello icecubic, I have received two payment from them already and that is why I am promoting them. I can only offer two reasons, one it is the holiday season and the admin is busy. And 2nd I read somewhere but could not find the terms, they make the payment monthly now, due to paypal payment fees.