Love - The Most Abused Virtue and Word

@levite (1062)
December 23, 2009 12:37am CST
Do you agree that love is the most abused virtue today? Many have used it for their own gain and selfish purposes. Many have called lust, love. Many say that love is only an emotion or feeling. Others call it just a "force," the strongest force in the universe. And as this "force" forces many to have theor own family, this same force, forces many to destroy the family. But is that love or lust that destroy the family? That's why I call it the most abused word. Is there a sacrificial love, selfless love present among people today? The one that seeks to serve not to be served, the one that seeks to make others happy rather than himself/herself, the one that seeks to give (not only on December 25 but even without any occasion), rather than to receive, and the one that can even offer his life rather than save it? I hope that someday love will no longer be the most abused virtue and word as it is "now."
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@sutent (1061)
• China
23 Dec 09
Hi levite, Yes, it is a absolutedly abused in our daily life. Nowdays, especailly those youth use it frequently. I am really doubt that they really understand its meaning. Nowdays, it seems that Love can be used anywhere, anytime and any cituation. Just like your said, we should said it more cautiously. Have a good day.
@levite (1062)
• Philippines
23 Dec 09
Yes the youth just use the "word" without even knwing the meaning of it, perhaps out of immaturity; but not all youth use it carelessly. Additionally, we must not only say it carefully but also put it into action in its purity.