China Phones

December 23, 2009 3:01am CST
Ever heard of those? Oh...China is really very famous of its piracy of different labels. But what really is a hit to their piracies are their CHINA PHONES. its really famous this time esp. today, global crisis, people wants gadgets in low price. So people invest in these mobile phones. yes,its true that they are well designed, so many features, very bulky, touch screen, modern technology can be seen with it. but most people had observed this: POOR QUALITY OF DURABILITY yes,it has great designs and features but yet, the durability of these products are untrustable. ever owned a china phone?what's your feedback?
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• China
23 Dec 09
I don't know what all of these sayings base on!I am a chinese,I have been using a mobile phone maked in my own country for 3 years,its all functions are as good as the new one,I don't think you are wise enough to publish your one-sided attitude here!I have seen an aticle writen by a forigner which said if there are no chinese goods they can't make their life!So please take notice of your words!
• Germany
22 Jan 10
If you want the best, you can pay more money. In this world, the quality connects with the price. You know, the vw polo can't be compared with mini cooper. SO please shut up!
@chase717 (65)
• United States
17 Jan 10
I have never owned a phone made in China, but I did consider purchasing one similar to iphone. After reading feedback on the phone, I decided to buy the original iphone for my son. I read that after some people purchased the phone that was to be used with TMobile or ATT that it didn't work because they had the 3G card. Then couldn't get a refund. We are on Att network and have a 3G card, didn't want to lose my money.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
15 Jan 10
I hate bulky phones. I have never heard of China phones until I joined here, but if its bulky and difficult to use and not that durable then I don't want it. Also most of the posts concerning the china phones here are various complaints, I don't want any of that thank you. I'll stick with brands I know such as Nokia and samsung.
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
7 Jan 10
hi there nimlangcoy! I exactly know what you're talking about. They were called "china phones" because these are mobile phones that are being manufactured and created in china. Not really originally created by them but they clearly mimic and copy all those high-end phones and sell it on the market such as the Philippines and other countries carrying the same brand name but containing low features and poor quality. These are "pirated version" of phones which means, it was being sold at a very very low price. Honestly, I don't patronize the said thing because, I am after the Quality and Durability of a product especially with electronics. Products that would last longer and can be accessed easily and has great value are more important for me. Sad to say that most of us called it "china phones" for it basically done and carry out by the said country. For that, we are not intending the latter as a bad product creator, it is just that, we are after the truth about these phones. Okay, I really don't recommend buying one because these phones doesn't have after-service, warranty and guarantee. Besides, we are not helping anyone's economy if we support pirated products...right? So better to stay away from them. ummhh...lolz (and oh I love China,..lolz) Happy Lotting kabayan!