parents pay $42,000 rescue bill

@magic9 (981)
December 23, 2009 6:13am CST
A US couple who triggered a major alert by claiming their son was adrift in a helium balloon have been ordered to pay the $42,000 rescue bill. It later emerged the hoax was a bid to secure a TV deal. The baloon boy's parents have pleaded guilty to a number of charges and face a sentencing hearing on Wednesday. I don't see why parents do this, how bad examples they have set for their kids and others. Maybe they are out of their mind.
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24 Dec 09
In my opinion if parents are willing to go to ridiculous measures like they did, they aren't even fit to be raising their kids. I wouldn't be surprise if in the end they end up losing the kids but I'm glad they made them pay the rescue bill. Otherwise it would be tax payer's money going towards part of it. Plus if they do ever get a TV show I don't think many people would be to fanatic about it.
@bigbaps (118)
23 Dec 09
its disgusting imagine all the people that were worried and trying to help find the child that was supposed to of been carried away. I hope the parents are sent to prison as thats dis-gusting though I know they won't be as won't be fair on the kids loosing their parents even though they deserve to be locked up