How to quit smocking?

@jlim7x (17)
December 23, 2009 7:26am CST
Can anyone share the way how to quit smock? I was try for few time but end up still can't be quit. Nowadays the cigarretes so need help here to tell me the secret how to quit smoke without felling temsion ... as i smoke for 10yrs and it hard to quit for me... :(
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• Spain
24 Jan 10
You have taken the first step into wanting to quit, thats a good thing. There are several ways you can help yourself quit. Thinking about how much you spend is a good start, next step is to document yourself. You should research all the bad things it brings, it lowers your health and your chances to live. Not only does it kill you slowly but it also hurts those around you. It smells horrible, it makes you cough, it makes your skin appear more wrinkled and ungly. These are just a rough example but there are a whole lot more factors you should consider. The best way to quit smoking ans stay quit is to mentally prepare yourself for the challenge, if you had the balls to pick up the bad habit you should do the same into quitting. Anyone can do it, it just takes time, patience and perseverance.