do you have poblems getting along with your friends?

United States
December 23, 2009 8:50am CST
has anyone else had problems getting along with friends that turned out to be an annoying visitor instead of a friend? i have a friend, well I thought she was at first, but it turns out she is just someone who is lonely and wants to be in everyone else's busines. She tries to tell my family what to do, even though no one asks her opinion and then goes and talks bad about my kids behind my back. My kids have mental issues and she tries to say my kids use their disabilities to do what they want. What would you do with a friend like that? Does anyone else have this problem with their friends?
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• Malaysia
3 Aug 10
Trust me, me and my friends do the same thing. But I've learned. You need to be the better person and apologize. If you all are both stubborn, then you just need to call her up or whatever and talk it out. Apologize and mean what you say. Chances are things will go back to normal. You can do it..^^
• Philippines
7 May 10
Yes, it happens sometimes to me.
@kokila19 (102)
• Kuwait
24 Dec 09
Oh very bad!! Friends should help us:) better not to call her to home.
• India
23 Dec 09
Hi, Thank god i do not have that kind of friend. Otherwise i would have tough time with her. Best is to IGNORE her.
@thenieruz (137)
• United States
23 Dec 09
I have a friend similar to that. She wants all of the attention and when she doesn't get it she throws a hissy fit like a two-year old. She hadn't met anyone like me before who won't take that crap and let her know where to take her childish behavior. I would say just let them know how you feel, but try not to yell and scream about it. Yelling and screaming doesn't solve anything and makes tension run high. If it turns out for the worse anyway, then they probably weren't worth the maintenance their friendship would need.
@cycle6060 (118)
• India
23 Dec 09
Really bad to have a friend like that, usually friends are supposed to be of mental help and support to us in our difficult times but your friend seems to be the opposite .