what is better??rent referral or purchasing referral?

@dipak06 (913)
December 23, 2009 11:15am CST
hi guys..i am using some ptc sites to earn some money from them...in some ptc sites i have found the option of renting referrals for 1 month for some money and some other sites there are options to purchase unreferred referrals fir permanently...now i just want to know which is better?/renting referrals for 1 month or purchasing referal for lifetime??
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@ToughTate (143)
• United States
23 Dec 09
I only have experience renting referrals and it seems to be one of the only legit ways to invest on the internet and actually make significant profit. I don't really know what websites your talking about, but I would make sure to read the fine print and find out what they mean by 'lifetime' because taht kind of sounds too easy.
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• Singapore
24 Dec 09
i don't think its a good idea to rent referrals or for 'life' most of them under 'rented' only joined because they are given incentives.. most of them are only after the incentives and concentrate on their main programs.. its a risk i guess..
@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
24 Dec 09
My only experience with renting or buying referrals was with a site that ended up going scam. The site that I bought referrals no longer exist. I am so disappointed because I did reach my first payout and had a pending payout. I never got paid. So I am very reluctant to buy or rent referrals. I may rent referrals in the future on Neobux, but how I am going to do that is use any money I get in alertpay as alertpay is not my main payment processor.
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@rosekiss (30276)
• Eugene, Oregon
24 Dec 09
I have never purchased referrals, so I really don't know that much about them. I had rented referrals in neobux, but once they were through, then I didn't rent anymore. They really weren't all that active, and so I felt it was a waste of time and my income to rent them. I have since had 3 referrals and they are actie somwhat. I toes take me awhile to get payout even then, as I just don't get all that many referrals, and you know there is no guarantee that any referrals are going to be active. I am glad for the referrals I do have though, as they can be hard to get, so any that I do get ia a blessing. I do have direct referrals in the other sites I am doing as well. Good luck to you, Merry Christmas, and happy mylotting.